Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Gaping Maw: Segment Seven

TO: Malcolm O'Reilly, CEO, Tindalos Corporation
FROM: Randolph Carter, Head of Research
RE: Project Dhole, initial proposal

Mr. O'Reilly:

Attached you will find our initial proposal for Project Dhole, which we discussed last week at the stockholders' meeting. Dr. Gladley has been working around the clock on the genetic code, and we believe that we are on the cusp of a major breakthrough. Dr. Gladley assures me that despite using similar genome bases, this project will avoid the unfortunate side effects we saw in the preliminary T-virus trials and the Ghanian outbreak of 2087.

The Gaping Maw: A Tale in Multiple Segments - a multi-part story in scrapbook form for Horrordailies. Go here for Part One.

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