Saturday, October 1, 2016

Said the spider

The sidewalk was empty, a breeze shifting leaves and dirt across the cement. Above, pale branches swayed slightly, but aside from the scraping of leaves across ground, there was no sound.

Faint laughter broke the silence. A trio of teen girls rounded the corner, pulling their coats closer around their bodies at the sudden chill as they chattered to one another.

The pale branches stilled. Footsteps crunched across the detritus.  

"Euww. There's something sticky."

One of the girls paused, yanking first one foot up and then the other. The other two paused, looking back at her. 

"Come *on*, we're going to be late." 

"My mom is going to kill me if this ruins my shoes." The first girl darted forward to catch up to her friends, shuffling her feet to try to scrape off the residue. 

They walked on, their voices fading into the night. Silence again.

The pale branches overhead bent down toward the sidewalk.

Something dripped.

Something exhaled.

The leaves were blown back across the trap.

Perhaps next time. 


  1. I'm thinking of a Far Side cartoon that showed two spiders building a web across the bottom of a playground slide. One's saying, "If we can pull this off we'll eat like kings for a week!"